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A Brief Explanation of Hosting Services

We know that it’s tricky trying to understand the difference between each of the online services you need to deal with as a small business owner. This section will go over the three most commonly used services and provide a brief definition of each one. 

Web Hosting 

Think of web hosting as what enables your website to exist and be discoverable on the internet. This service actually houses your website and is responsible for maintaining its connection to the internet. Your web hosting service might also include an option to activate email hosting, but you have to tell your provider that you want to do that.

Domain Hosting

 This is one of the most confusing services involved in getting your business website up and running. A domain is a unique name, like, that identifies your website. Getting your site online can only happen if you have a domain name registered for it.

Email Hosting

While it’s usually included with a web hosting package, email hosting is a separate service that allows you to set up a custom email address and use it to send and receive emails. The email domain name you use will match your website. 

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Bart Gotemans
Founder Originally from Belgium, now living in Lombok where we own and operate an ECO-friendly bed and breakfast and a Belgian Comfort Food cafe. Nice to know... Decades ago, I created my first website and uploaded it to the hosting of 2MB... Upload was done over a 56k phone connection.

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