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A free website? BAD Idea…

Hi there !

Since you are here, you are either looking for a Free website OR you have seen the light and you already know.

A Free website is a BAD idea…

I agree, it is tempting to sign up for something free and hope that it will work out. But… FREE or extremely cheap websites will cost you more time and money then actually paying for a decent standard website.

What do I mean with a free website?

Free website includes services such as Blogger,, Wix or standalone are websites which can be built on top of free hosting and free domain.

It’s basically anything that creates a subdomain under their services like or free domain like built on top of free hosting. These services make it possible for you to create a website without having to buy a domain name.

So, should I get a free website?

Although a free domain website may seem tempting at first, I strongly recommend that you consider the paid options if you are serious about your business and want to make money online.

Now, I’m not saying these services are bad in general, but they will waste your time if you want to succeed in the online world.

Enough talk – let’s jump into the reasons why getting a free website is a bad idea

1. You can’t make money with a free website.

The first reason is that in most cases, you won’t be able to monetize your website or blog. Most free services state in their terms and conditions that you have to stay as a non-profit website in order to use their services.

Another policy is that they can advertise on your site without YOU getting a dime. Not very fun, is it? Usually, these ads don’t even have much to do with the subject of your blog.

As a result, you won’t be able to make money with a free website and your time and effort will be wasted.

2. Lack of credibility (Search engines give less priority to free domains & services)

The second reason is that in general, having a free domain like .cf and .ga or a and at the end of your URL isn’t credible. Not for your users and nor for Google.

Since you will probably rely on Google traffic to drive users to your site, it’s important to know that Google gives less priority to these type of domains. Thus you might put in a lot of work for little reward.

3. Spammers are on the same shared server

Even worse than having Google giving you less priority is that Google will penalize your website for spam activities.

This can happen since you are sharing your website with other free domains & hostings. This means that if some of those websites are used for spam, your site might end up on the spam list as well. And joining the spam list has an immense negative impact on your online identiy !


Don't be like this guy.

4. Limited customer service

In most cases, the customer service will be non-existing. If you need some help with your servers, you will have to wait for a (long) while or don’t get it at all.

5. Slow website (low bandwidth)

Chances are that your website is really slow to load.

This is because your free account only receives a small portion of the available power and slow website means that your users won’t stick around (Yeah, the struggle is real).

Invest in a long-term solution

Because of the 5 reasons that I just mentioned, I think putting any effort in free services is a waste of time. If you are serious about your website and want it to succeed in the long-term, consider investing in an awesome website.

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Bart Gotemans
Founder Originally from Belgium, now living in Lombok where we own and operate an ECO-friendly bed and breakfast and a Belgian Comfort Food cafe. Nice to know... Decades ago, I created my first website and uploaded it to the hosting of 2MB... Upload was done over a 56k phone connection.

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