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Mobile (Responsive) Web Design

The use of smartphones and tablets is growing exponentially, and now makes up the majority of all internet use and searches performed. Consumers are constantly on the go, and even when they’re not, most still prefer their phone or tablet. Having a mobile-friendly website is a must for any business.

an example of a Responsive web design

Be Where Your Customers Are – Which is Everywhere

Mobile (Responsive) Web Design… Why? Whether your business is large or small, your purchase cycle long or short, or your business local or international, accommodating mobile visitors to your site with a user-friendly and easily-navigable interface is proving to go a long way in increasing conversions and customer retention online. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website in 2020 – it’s essentially like putting a “closed” sign on your front door for 50% of the people that walk by your business.

What Does “Responsive Design” Mean?

“Responsive design” just means your website adapts itself for optimal presentation on whichever device it’s being displayed. So for instance, it will scale down, shuffle content around, and make fonts bigger when being displayed on a mobile phone, or likewise grow and expand to fill the screen on a giant computer monitor. The website “responds” to the device.

How Do We Do This?

We use the latest web technology in HTML5 & CSS3 to design mobile/responsive websites that look great on any device, big or small. We design mobile versions of websites with the new sort of functionality and design-appeal that is sweeping the web, where a simple touch to a phone number can automatically make a call and a click to an address can bring up a map with directions. In other words, when your website is being presented on a mobile device, it looks and functions as nicely as an app.

Standalone or As One

Most websites nowadays are built to be responsive, meaning you only have one website that adapts for any type of device. But let’s say you already have a well-established website (that’s not responsive) and do not wish to invest in its redevelopment at this time to make it responsive. Well, there’s still an option. We can also create a separate mobile website for your business which will kick in whenever someone visits your regular website from a mobile device. So users won’t know it’s actually a separate site, and you’ll deliver the full mobile-friendly experience that your visitors are looking for.

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