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Upgrade Hosting

Last night, we initiated the upgrade of our hosting. Normally this doesn’t affect your website in any way.

The upgrade will take around 48 hours to fully complete. In the small chance there is something wrong with your website, please let us know immediately so we can check for you !

Why the upgrade?

Since we have clients from Asia and Europe, we decided to host all website on both continents. This will positively affect the hosting in several ways.

  • faster loading time
  • higher position in search engine
  • better overall performance
  • more secure

Of course, cloud-fare is also still enabled, so the initial loading of your website is done from the country your website visitor is in.

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Bart Gotemans
Founder Originally from Belgium, now living in Lombok where we own and operate an ECO-friendly bed and breakfast and a Belgian Comfort Food cafe. Nice to know... Decades ago, I created my first website and uploaded it to the hosting of 2MB... Upload was done over a 56k phone connection.

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